What is BioWebinar?

BioWebinar is a global directory site that is focused in life science, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and health care.

What does BioWebinar do?

We collect, facilitate, and promote webinars and events in the bio/pharma/life science/health care field. In addition, we host webinars for representatives that provide a service/product, have made a significant research discovery, or who have made a technological breakthrough in these industries.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online video conference that uses the internet to connect the presenter to viewers from all around the globe.

Membership and Registration:

What types of webinars are registered in BioWebinar?

A partner company with prior approval from BioWebinar can register any webinars/videos.

Why should I become a member of BioWebinar?

Members have access to our huge archive of recorded and upcoming webinars, are able to participate in discussions, and can send questions to webinar speakers.  You will also receive invites to specific webinars in your area of interest.

Do I have to pay to become a BioWebinar member? Do I have to pay to attend a webinar or event?

BioWebinar memberships are free.  BioWebinar does not charge for attending or viewing webinars. Some sponsor companies may charge for attending or viewing their webinars. In these cases, BioWebinar does not collect any commission on event tickets.


How can I upload my webinar?

You can upload your webinar through the “Post a Webinar” option. Fill out the form and click, ‘Submit’. You should receive confirmation that your webinar has been received. Please allow 2-3 business days to see your webinar published.

If applicable, we recommend providing a Webinar URL.

How can I create my own webinar?

Let us take care of all the technicalities! Submit your interest in the “Host a Webinar” form and a BioWebinar representative will contact you with the rest of the details.

What is “Posted Webinars”?

The Posted Webinar option lists all of the webinars that you have posted. You can review your webinar status, the number of webinar views, and other actions you can with your webinar.

How can I share my life science event?

Select “Post an Event” to promote any events with the rest of the BioWebinar community. There is no advertising cost at this time.

My event information has changed or no longer taking place.

Go to “Posted Events” and select the appropriate event. Click Edit to update any necessary information. The Delete button will omit the entire event post.

I no longer work for my old company. How can I update my contact info?

Select the Account Details option to update your information.

How do I delete my account?

To stop receiving critical scientific content from BioWebinar, please e-mail us at: jwang@biowebinar.com.

Other FAQs:

How many languages does BioWebinar support?

BioWebinar supports English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

What do keywords do?

A tag or keyword is a tool to find resources related to your topic of interest. For example, if you click the genetics tag on a webinar page, you will be led to a page with all of the webinars related to genetics.

How do I register for an upcoming BioWebinar?

To register for an upcoming webinar, select a webinar in the Upcoming Webinar list. On the heading, select the Register button.

Our system logs all of your upcoming registered webinars in the My Account dashboard. When available, we will e-mail you with a link and other important details concerning your registration.

Can I get CE credit or proof of attendance for a webinar?

For Proof of Attendance verification, please e-mail us at info@biowebinar.com with the date and title of the webinar. We will verify your attendance via e-mail which can be kept for your records. At this time, we do not offer CE credit.