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LogMeIn announced upgrades to GoToWebinar today. I had a chance to speak with Daniel Waas, the GoToWebinar Director of Product Marketing at LogMeIn. He took me through the latest updates and shared a few thoughts about future developments (many of which are not ready for public disclosure yet).

Today’s announcement focuses most prominently on “behind the scenes” improvements for webinar hosts and administrators. Attendees and presenters will most likely see no changes to the user interface and controls they are already familiar with.

Daniel says that they are now handling on the order of 2.3 million GoToWebinar sessions a year from their customer base. They wanted to make the platform more useful and intuitive for the people charged with scheduling, managing, and analyzing all those webinars.

One of the first and most obvious priorities was to make sure that administration worked well on mobile devices, so all organizational screens are now mobile-responsive.

A new interface for administrators allows a streamlined approach to scheduling and editing webinars. This had been a pet peeve of mine in the past… Working on different aspects of a webinar (eg: branding, email customization, user roles) required opening secondary pages, making the desired changes, and returning to the master page. Now everything is on one screen, with sections that expand and collapse to allow access to all aspects without navigating between web pages.

Similar streamlining makes it easier to get analytics during registration and after a webinar completes. A new analytics dashboard puts many different statistics in one place for quick reporting and visualization. You can also see upcoming webinars in a calendar mode and now you can quickly scan through all your upcoming webinars to see the number of people registered for each without having to run a report.

In addition to just seeing raw numbers for a single webinar, the new analytics interface lets you compare performance of webinars against each other and against a master trend line for all webinars (in chart and table format). You can add filters to include only desired subsets of your webinars and you can download the information in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats.

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