A New Video Series On Webinar Basics

I have put together a 12-part series of short videos exploring different facets of webinar production and delivery. You can access the YouTube playlist at bit.ly/webinarsintro or you can view an index page with titles and descriptions at www.wsuccess.com/downloads.html, allowing you to jump to whatever subject interests you.

Each topic is presented as a high-level introduction to key considerations for people just getting started with webinars. The videos are only 2-3 minutes long, so obviously I don’t go into a lot of detail. If you are an experienced webinar professional, you won’t find advanced insights or tips. But it’s a great way to give newcomers some background and general orientation to the things they’ll need to think about as they begin planning their webinar activities. Feel free to share the link with someone who wants to understand what’s involved with putting on a webinar!