Webinato Pre-Announces FLOW Webinar Platform

As I have mentioned before, 2018 marks the big technology switch to HTML5 and WebRTC for web-based web conferencing platforms that previously relied on Adobe Flash Player. All Flash-based products should have shifted to the new technology by the end of the year.

Webinato is one of the web conferencing vendors that is faced with a big rewrite of their Flash-reliant code. They just announced that they are taking advantage of the obligatory update to restructure functionality for presenters. The company sent out an email last week, seeking participants to beta test the upcoming new version of the webinar software, which will be called FLOW.

Webinato FLOW storyboard I am working purely off the announcement letter, as there are no operational sneak peeks available yet. The big change is that FLOW is designed for a highly planned and structured webinar presentation, where the webinar administrator or lead presenter sets up a storyboard of content items to be displayed in a fixed sequence. By “content items,” I mean things such as PowerPoint slides, interactive polls, video clips, and other features currently available in Webinato through selectable “modules” that show up as tabs in the presentation interface.

The announcement web page says you assign each storyboard step to a presenter. That makes me a little nervous, as I have had too many webinars where presenters are swapped out or change roles at the last minute (or even meet each other and decide who’s doing what at the last minute!). I hope the presenter assignment is not a mandatory setup choice.

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