ABioM SIG Webinar: Tissue Biofabrication

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BioMedical Engineering Society
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | 1pm EST (US and Canada) / November 22, 2am CST (China) / 6pm GMT (UK) Long > 60 min | English

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This webinar was produced by the BioMedical Engineering Society’s Advanced Biomanufacturing Special Interest Group (ABioM SIG) to discuss the emerging field of Advanced Biomanufacturing.

Biomanufacturing faces significant challenges with regard to cell manufacturing and tissue fabrication. This webinar focuses on the frontiers of advanced biomanufacturing, including:

  • 3D tissue printing
  • bio-ink formulation
  • bio-material design
  • tissue assembly

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Kaiming Ye, Ph.D.
Kaiming Ye, Ph.D.
Kaiming Ye is a professor of biomedical engineering at the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State University of New York.

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