Medical Device Regulations in Pakistan

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | 1pm EDT (US and Canada) / July 26, 1am CST (China) / 6pm BST (UK) Short < 30 min | English

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Pakistan’s 2017 Medical Device Rules led to many changes. The agency in charge of assessing and evaluating medical devices is now the Medical Device Board (MDB). The fee structure has also been remodeled and the product registration streamlined.

Join us for an overview of Pakistan’s new medical device regulations from Dr. Muhammad Sohail, Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance at Fresenius Medical Care in Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Sohail has multiple certificates in topics ranging from pharmacovigilance to handling adverse events. In addition, he has years of experience managing regulatory inspections, and preparing applications for drugs, health products ,and medical devices. He will describe his experience and observations of Pakistan’s medical device regulations.

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Dr. Muhammad Sohail
Dr. Muhammad Sohail
Dr. Muhammad Sohail is a leading expert on Pakistani medical-device regulations.

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