The Rising Demand for Trust & Transparency: Blockchain for Food

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Thursday, March 28, 2019 | 12am EDT (US and Canada) / 12pm CST (China) / 4am GMT (UK) 60 min | English

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The global food system is growing rapidly, contributing to the abundance of choices available for consumers and adding complexity to the food supply chain. Using Blockchain as the underlying technology for a renewed food system, organizations are realizing unique benefits that accompany the digitization of information. Join this free webinar to learn more about how blockchain is meeting the demand for trust in our food.

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Suzanne Livingston, Offering Director, IBM Food Trust
Suzanne Livingston, Offering Director, IBM Food Trust
As the IBM Food Trust Offering Director, Suzanne brings transparency, accountability, and traceability to the food supply chain using blockchain. Prior to blockchain, Suzanne launched and scaled new offerings for IBM, including social software, cloud collaboration, and the fintech platform for developers. Suzanne leads product management organizations with a collaborative, inclusive approach having been on the front lines of product management, engineering, and user experience. Suzanne founded the MIT Product Management Club, was a Product Management 101 & 102 Teaching Fellow at Harvard Business School.
Nigel Gopie, PhD, Global Marketing Leader, IBM Food Trust
Nigel Gopie, PhD, Global Marketing Leader, IBM Food Trust
Nigel Gopie is the Global Marketing Leader for IBM Food Trust™, IBM Blockchain. Nigel is recognized for being maniacally focused on the client experience and solving problems with innovative, viable solutions. His modus operandi is to test early, fail fast and continuously improve. Before joining IBM Blockchain, he was a Digital and Analytics Associate Partner with IBM Global Business Services, where he empowered diverse teams to transform organizations by designing client-centric solutions using agile methods, advanced analytics and design thinking. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Neuroscience. His work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, NPR, Yahoo News, Fox News, The Guardian, Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, Time, and other international media outlets.

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