Think Big, Screen Once: Genome-Scale Editing with Custom CRISPR Screening Libraries

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Twist Bioscience
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 | 9am PDT Pacific Time (US and Canada) / 12pm EDT (US and Canada) / September 15, 12am CST (China) / 5pm BST (UK) Long > 60 min | English

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This webinar on CRISPR screening covers:

  • overview of CRISPR library design techniques
  • the impact of high-quality DNA synthesis on accurate editing
  • specific examples of how these libraries are used in translational research
  • potential applications towards the development of novel molecular therapeutics

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Liz Harley
Liz Harley
Liz Harley is a Content Manager for Front Line Genomics.
Charles Joseph
Charles Joseph
Charles Joseph is a Product Manager at Twist Bioscience.
Edward Perello
Edward Perello
Edward Perello is CBO & Founder of Desktop Genetics.


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