Viral Vectors: How to Design, Run, and Optimize Your Gene Delivery Experiment

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Owner: Applied Biological Materials

2019/06/19 11:00 | Med. 30-60 min | English | (GMT-7:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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This second installment in ABM's #ResearchersAtWork webinar series presents a workflow guide for designing viral delivery of target genes to your cell of interest. Topics covered include:
  • History of gene therapy and therapeutic viral vectors
  • Characteristics of different viral vectors
  • Identifying the optimal vector for your project
  • System design: promoters, reporters, tags
  • Optimizing titers and MOIs
  • Safe packaging for viral payloads
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Michael Van Vliet

Michael Van Vliet is head of the Virology Department at ABM.

Bashe Bashe, M.Sc.

Bashe Bashe is a Product Specialist at ABM.

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