Webinar Features

BioWebinar has accounts from Both GoToWebinars and Zoom

Key Features from GoToWebinar:

  • Full Services Attendee Registration (Email Automation with webinar registration)
  • Multiple Presenters/Panelists
  • Mobile Support: edit and start planning for an upcoming webinar with GoToWebinar iOS and Android apps.
  • Custom Branding (Display your company logo)
  • HD Video Recording
  • Archived Recordings
  • Polls & Surveys, support 20 polls before a webinar session or on-the-fly.  20 question for survey.
  • Real-time Analytics
  • HDFaces Video Conferencing (Up to six Presenters can their their webcams face to face)
  • Network Security: log-in information and webinar data with end to end 128-bit AES encryption.

Key Features from Zoom

  • One-click HD screen sharing
  • Dual screen support to show panelists and presentation at same time
  • Event assistance available
  • Host controls such as mute/unmute panelists, recording and more
  • Polling and Question/Answer dialog box with live or text answers
  • Registration and post-webinar reporting
  • Closed captioning
  • Integrations with CRM and marketing automation systems

Please contact BioWebinar if you would like to have us to host a webinar, BioWebinar will do the followings for you:

  • To schedule a webinar based on a webinar technology that you choose
  • To promote your webinar in our social media sites (LinkedIn, meetup, WeChat, email marketing, YouTube etc)
  • To recruit and register listeners
  • To remind listeners before a webinar starts by email
  • To practice a webinar with a speaker before the webinar starts (to test an audio speaker etc.)
  • To plan polls as requested
  • To start a webinar as planned
  • To have multi co-hosts, and multiple speakers.
  • To introduce speakers when a webinar starts
  • To support a webinar on-going session
  • To pop up on-the-fly polls in a webinar session as planed
  • To perform Post webinar survey
  • To post a recorded webinar in YouTube account, and/or other video sites.